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Our investment objectives are connected to SDGs

Projects of primary production or food industrialization.

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Projects related to internet access, online education or educational financing programs.

Water purification, management and control projects.

Projects that use changes in technology to generate or save energy.

Sustainable design projects and waste reuse.

Segments of the
prioritized population

Women entrepreneurs

LGBTQI+ community

Silver Economy: People over 60

Indigenous groups

Rural youth

Ethnic groups

Victims and reincorporated of the Colombian armed conflict

Incubatores and acceleratos in colombian regions

de impacto

Impact Baseline
We have a tool that performs an initial diagnosis in aspects of legal compliance, sustainability aspects, administration and ethics aspects, competitiveness aspects and quality aspects.
Impact report
We have taken IRIS+ as a reference framework for choosing our impact indicators and we base ourselves on the GRI standards to make the impact report.
Continuous measurement of indicators
We rely on the 24 regional accelerators and the 2030 Alliance for Progress to carry out the continuous survey of indicators.