Impact and regionally inclusive investments.

Innovative financial instrument
based on paybacks by results

Investment thesis focused in Agroindustry, education, circular economy, climate change and more.

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Progress Fund

Our fund started from the strategic convergence in between a Colombian NGO called Alliance 2030 for Progress and two prestigious colombian fund managers with experience structuring and managing impact investment funds.

Investment committe

Foto Daniel Perez

Impact investments expert, with experience working in private and development banking

Daniel Perez
Foto Camila Lecaros

Expert in acceleration and Executive Director at Mass challenge

Camila Lecaros

Director and Founder at CO_. More than 15 years of experience constructing social and environmental impactful companies.

Tania Rodriguez

15 years of experience working in wealth management firms like Ultraserfinco and UBS.

Oscar Paez
Foto Mario Rojas

More than 15 years of experience working in the financial sector, he holds an MBA at Oxford University.

Mario Rojas


Project Finance based investments

We provide capital to Projects an then we share its future cashflows (by result)

Our connection with regions

We have an exclusive alliance with the biggest cluster of social impact oriented incubators and accelerators in Colombia (Alianza 2030 para el Progreso).

Continual impact measurement

We have robust tools and methodologies to measure impact in an efficient way.

Social impact
oriented projects

gestores profesionales

Fund managers´ track record
Investment committe

Athena impacto has 12 years of experience structuring and managing impact investment funds

Athena participated of the structuring process of:
• Fenoge: (Colombian government fund to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency)
• Fondo Rural Paz: (European Union Fund
to provide capital for agro-industries in Colombian post-conflict zones)
• Green Business Fund for the Ministry of the Environment • USAID • Fair Climate
Fund to finance carbon footprint reduction projects financed by ICCO COOPERATION.
Athena Impacto participates actively in multiple investment funds in alliance with WWF Colombia.

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